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ThyroScript is a synergistic blend of herbs, nutrients and digestive enzymes representing a breakthrough for healthy thyroid function and normal metabolism.*

My formula offers nutritional support for healthy thyroid function*

  • Unique blend of herbs and nutrients to activate T3 hormone*
  • Helps optimize healthy metabolism and weight*
  • Non-glandular formula*
  • Contains DPPIV to reduce absorption of gluten and casein*
  • Can be taken with food*

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Product Description

This product offers nutritional support for thyroid function:*
• Unique formulation available only from Script Essentials
• Contains nutrients and botanicals that enhance the production of T4*
• Provides key nutrients for peripheral conversion of T4 to T3*
• Helps optimize metabolism*
• Non-glandular formula

Your thyroid gland produces the hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) which are essential to the proper development and functions of cells in your body. Thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates from the food you eat. Thyroid hormone affects how these compounds produce energy. Individual thyroid hormones have several critical functions in your body, especially as it pertains to metabolism and your cardiovascular system. For example, T4 supports cardiac output, a healthy heart rate, your respiratory rate, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). A low BMR may cause you to feel cold, fatigued and hold on to weight.

ThyroScript provides supportive nutrients for a healthy thyroid gland.* Not only does ThyroScript support healthy thyroid function, it also provides nutrients necessary for conversion of T4 to T3 in the cells and tissues outside your thyroid gland.* ThyroScript contains a naturally-occurring digestive enzyme that humans make called “Dipeptidyl peptidase 4” or DPP-IV that reduces absorption of gluten and casein. Those are the proteins found in wheat and dairy, respectively. Gluten and casein have been shown to attack the thyroid gland in sensitive individuals. DPP-IV is added as protection for your thyroid gland, regardless of your choice to consume foods containing gluten and dairy.

Iodine is necessary for formation of T4, and there is less than 1 milligram in ThyroScript. The amino acid L-tyrosine is a necessary component of both T4 and T3 formation.* Animal studies indicate the Ayurvedic botanical ashwagandha can improve T4 concentrations.*
Ashwagandha is known as an adrenal adaptogen. When the adrenals go into a state of ‘overdrive’ they produce a lot of cortisol. High cortisol levels can interfere with thyroid function, resulting in low T4 or poor conversion of T4 to the active form, T3. Botanicals that support normal levels of cortisol may be of benefit for this population.*

Several nutrients are also necessary for conversion of T4 to T3, including the minerals selenium, zinc, and copper.* ThyroScript contains vitamin B12 because its insufficiency appears to interfere with the activity of thyroid hormones.* Conversion of T4 to T3 can be inhibited by heavy metal toxicity and lipid peroxidation; the antioxidant blend “Oxyphyte” may counterbalance this inhibition.* This blend contains grape seed extract and polygonum root extract.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

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  1. Carsanr@yahoo.com


    Thank you Suzy, this is the best product ever! I am thyroid sick, not sure if i have hypo but i have all the symptoms, my dr only checked my TSH: 1, i gues i have a perfect TSH! … After taking thyrod script i feel better, my nails are long ! And strong! My ayebrowns are fuller! No more cold feet and hands! I love Suzy! Please have a lot of this product in stock! I promise i will buy it for the rest of my life! I am only 42 !

  2. radiantlivingsolutions@gmail.com


    I ordered ThyroScript after listening to the Thyroid Summit, researching further and comparing ingredients with my current premium nutritional supplements. (They already contain most of the ingredients in TS but I need a higher quantity) Adding two capsules a day to my current regimen was very beneficial for me. I’m really looking forward to the inventory being restocked soon!

  3. Carsanr@yahoo.com


    It works! It does exactly what it says is supposed to do, love this product!

  4. thewatermuse@gmail.com


    Ladies…if your hair is falling out due to your thyroid you have to get this product! I’m 53 and always had a great head of hair. That is until I reached 50 and all of a sudden my hair started falling out and I couldn’t stop it! I tried EVERYTHING and nothing helped. Then I tried Thyro Script. After about 2 weeks it stopped falling out. I could hardly believe it. I wondered if it was a coincidence and something else was really going on. But then as many of the other reviewers wrote the product came and went. It wasn’t available for a period of time due to high demand. Without the supplement my hair started to fall out again. I’ve just finished my first re-order bottle of Thyro Script and you guessed it my hair is no longer falling out again! I’m thrilled to have found a solution. Especially since the Doctors I saw didn’t have any answers for me except to catch and count how many hairs were falling out of my head daily! Really??? Thank you Suzy and Janice for responding to my emails with true concern for my questions about the availability of the product. It meant a lot to me and showed me what type of people you are! The Best!!!

  5. janicechar@yahoo.com


    I’ve struggled with Thyroid issues since my son was born. I became aware of Thyroscript after a friend referred me to Ms. Cohen’s book, Thyroid Healthy. There were so many things that Ms. Cohen hit on that really resonated with me. As a result, I tried her Thyroscript. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the product. Everything that Ms. Cohen states is what has happened – all so positive. I am forever grateful!

  6. richardnickoloff@msn.com


    Thirty years ago, I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid and have been on various doses of Levoxyl since that time. After reading Suzy’s book, Thyroid Healthy, I made an appointment to see my primary care physician. The most recent blood test indicated (to the physician) that an increase in T4 was in order. I had been feeling tired and energy-sapped at mid day. At Suzy’s suggestion, I began taking ThyroScript. The tiredness and energy depletion subsided. I was feeling much better than I had prior to taking ThyroScript. But alas, when my bottle of ThyroScript ran out, it seemed there was a shortage of the product. I went to my local health food store and shopped for another thyroid product and bought one. It did not do the same for me as ThyroScript had done, namely, heighten my energy level (allowing my body to absorb the T4).

    At my appointment with my primary care physician, I presented her with the information contained in Thyroid Healthy. She gave me three choices: increase the T4, add T3, or take a combination pill containing both T4 and T3. I chose taking the additional T3 and my next blood test showed everything to be in order. Additionally, I received more ThyroScript that I have been taking daily along with the new prescriptions prescribed by my Doc. If I don’t take the ThyroScript, and I’ve done this on purpose, I find that after a couple of days I may need a nap in the afternoon. So for me, it’s ThyroScript every day!

  7. jsignetring@hotmail.com


    I first started taking this product after seeing it discussed on the 700 Club. During the period of time when it was unavailable due to high demand, I switched to another thyroid supplement that had similar ingredients, not the exact same. I recently started taking this supplement again. There is no comparison. I feel much better when I am taking this one. Thanks!

  8. kryss@krysso.com


    This is an incredibly effective supplement for those suffering from hypothyroid. I LOVE the fact that my energy levels have been restored and that I’m feeling normal for the first time in several years. The side effects I’ve noticed are insomnia and insatiable hunger. A call to the customer service number yielded nothing more than advise to see a doctor which was highly disappointing since doctors seem to know next to nothing about this malady and less still about a cure. Even so, I wouldn’t trade these supplements for the world.

    • scriptessentials@gmail.com


      Hi Kryss
      It is nice to meet you here. If you are taking the ThyroScript at nighttime and it is causing insomnia, then my recommendation is to take it during breakfast or lunch time. If you are taking the ThyroScript in the morning (or lunch) and it is causing insomnia, that would be a clue that you are at a healthier place, in terms of thyroid function, and you should back off ThyroScript (you don’t need as much anymore). Higher amounts of thyroid hormone in the body can cause insomnia and hunger. Thyroid speeds the body, it’s like a gas pedal hormone in the body. Thank you for your kind comments here :-)

  9. :

    I don’t usually write testimonials, but I am very pleased with how I feel on ThyroScript. It took 3 weeks for me to really notice but now I have more energy, and feel less anxious. My nails are breaking less. I will buy another bottle when I run out of this. I started with a half capsule daily (dumping it out), but now I am up to 2 per day.

  10. kristykjames@gmail.com


    After several years on Synthroid, and then Armour Thyroid, I saw minimal improvement in the extreme fatigue that was stealing my life. The biggest effect from the prescriptions was that both caused my blood pressure to shoot into the high range.

    And so, in September of 2014, I stopped taking the Armour – without bothering to check with my doctor. Probably not the brightest thing I’ve ever done, but I knew all he’d want to do is increase the dose again, and continue pushing me to take blood pressure medication. I wasn’t going to do either one of those things. Seriously, what would have been the point? Not only was the prescription not helping much at all, but it was causing more health issues.

    I first replaced it with a couple of Gaia products – the Thyroid Support and Adrenal Health – and felt marginally better than I had on the meds. Then I read about ThyroScript. Already a fan of Dr.David Brownstein, and knowing Suzy Cohen had been one of the speakers with him during the Thyroid Summit in May 2014, I decided to take a chance and try her product.

    No, it hasn’t made me into Superwoman, but ThyroScript makes me feel more like a human being than I have in almost seven years. I’ve been taking it for a little over two and a half months and expect to see more improvement as my thyroid continues to heal.

    For anyone wanting a miracle medicine to make your symptoms magically disappear, it’s not out there. Many of us have been dealing with hypothyroidism and its ugly symptoms for years. We’re not going to be cured by popping a pill or two. Instead, we need to be patient and keep feeding our thyroids what they need to get healthy again. For me, I believe ThyroScript is going to be a major key in that healing.

  11. miclegault@hotmail.com


    Hi! My husband starts to take ThyroScript, now he’s taking his Synthroid at night and he takes the ThyroScript in the morning. After 3 days, I felt more energized!! But I have a question, how long can I take the product? I know that when you take adaptogen plants, you have to take a break sometimes, could it be a good way to take it 1 month and take a break 1 month, and take it again for another month?? Thank you!

    • scriptessentials@gmail.com


      Hi Michèle
      That’s great to hear. If you feel good on the adaptogen, I think it’s okay to continue. When they stop working, or start causing side effects you can take a break. If you really want to take a break just to be sure, I’d say take it 1 month, then stop a week, then restart it. It’s also nice to sometimes change the adaptogens, for example, if he takes rhodiola, then after a month or two, switch to shisandra, and then after a month or two, switch to eleuthero (or ginseng) etc etc. ThyroScript contains ashwagandha. You could take any adaptogen with that as well. People often take two or three different adaptogens if they feel better on them. Of course, make sure you ask your physician to monitor your progress and stop if you have any side effects. Adaptogens (and ThyroScript) are best taken with food.

  12. :

    I absolutely love your books, articles, newsletters. You are AMAZING! You cannot imagine how much you have helped ME and my family members. Thank you!!!

  13. :

    I started this product a month ago and have noticed a more acute sense of alertness (less fogginess) and I am just happier for example I’ve started sewing again, and making jewelry. I haven’t done that in years. I take it with my lunch and thank Suzy for making it. If I miss a day, I am tired and in bed by 8.

  14. :

    I feel a little drowsy on this product. When I wrote the company, I asked whether this was normal or not. They asked Suzy, who explained the ashwagandha may cause drowsiness (or mild dizziness) and to take it at night time if that occurred. I have been doing that for the last 30 days (my last bottle becuase I take 2 at night) and I sleep much better. I feel great during the day and I’m glad I didn’t give up.

  15. collins.darby.debbie@gmail.com


    I have a thyroid nodule. I feel fine and have plenty of energy.
    But the nodule is large and looks bad. Will the ThyroScript help with the nodule?

    • scriptessentials@gmail.com


      Hi De
      I think you should ask your physician what he thinks about that because he/she will know the cause of your nodule. If you have plenty of energy, I don’t think you need ThyroScript.

  16. sonbyrd@yahoo.com


    Suzy, Once again you have provided me with relevant new info. I sooooo appreciate you. As an aside i recently started on your ThyroScript and have found it to be the only thyroid specific supplement with which I actually FEEL a real improvement in my energy levels. Thank you!!

  17. rtullrich@gmail.com


    Suzy, I’ve been taking hypothyroid medication (Synthroid then Levoxyl) for near 20 years. With our current healthcare system, am now only covered to take the generic levothyroxine. When I started on this medication about a year ago, I immediately gained nearly 10 pounds! :( Since then, they have adjusted my prescription, currently taking 112mcgs. Lucky for me, I stumbled on your website and read about ThyroScript and decided to order. I just received the supplements on Saturday (3/21), so have only been taking for 3 days now. Question, when should I take it? I read that it sometimes better to take levothyroxine at night before bed, so have been doing that. Can I continue taking my medication at night, then the supplements in the morning? Or would it be best to take both in the morning? Please let me know… as I would like to get the maximum benefit from both. Thank you!!

    • scriptessentials@gmail.com


      Hi Rosanna,
      Either way is fine, you need to experiment and see what works for you.
      99% of people take Levo in the morning,upon arising…they usually keep it by their bedside; however, if you like taking it at night and it doesn’t keep your up, then it’s fine to do that.
      Most people take ThyroScript with breakfast or lunch. The few that find it makes them drowsy go ahead and take it at night with dinner.
      Hope this helps!

  18. :

    I just want to let you know that having finished the first bottle of the ThyroScript I bought, I am pleased to say that i do feel a bit warmer this summer than I have previously done, although winter will soon be upon us. So it will be interesting to see how I fare through that. I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and only found out in December after forcing my doc to do the test. He said it didn’t matter as the treatment is still the same but at least I now know what I have suspected for a long time was true. So now I just have to keep plugging away and maybe I will finish the last few years of my life better than the last 60.

    So keep up the good work and if there is anything else you come up with that will help, then if affordable I will try it. The dollar exchange at the moment is horrendous.

  19. falguniyogi21@yahoo.com


    Thank you Suzy Cohen for formulating Thyro Script…. I was on Synthroid for 5 years. I have started taking Thyro Script about 1 month ago….. I am already feeling good and my energy level has gone up. I am off on Synthroid right now. Thank you for all the tips you give in your article, it has helped lot. I have lots of knowledge about my thyroid function. When ever I go to see doctor, the kind of question I ask, ” my doctor always surprised and asks me do you have medical background? How do you know all this ?”
    My next order for Thyro Script is arriving tomorrow along with Magnesium suppliment.
    I will let you know, how I am doing without Synthroid.

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