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ThyroScript is a synergistic blend of herbs, nutrients and digestive enzymes representing a breakthrough for healthy thyroid function and normal metabolism.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Product Description

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Click here for additional information about ThyroScript!

This product offers nutritional support for thyroid function:*
• Unique formulation available only from Script Essentials
• Contains nutrients and botanicals that enhance the production of T4*
• Provides key nutrients for peripheral conversion of T4 to T3*
• Helps optimize metabolism*
• Non-glandular formula

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

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  1. Dolores Hernandez


    I was hoping to read reviews before I purchased my Thyroscript but since there weren’t any I went ahead and ordered mine anyways. I have started taking mine five days ago and have a few questions and concerns. I have looked on the bottle for any info that may be useful to me but other than the ingredients in the pills there is only a vague directions of take two in the morning. Maybe it doesn’t specify with or without food because it doesn’t matter, I don’t know. I am not even sure when you should feel a difference from taking these pills, so far I have not. All I have felt so far is the taste of the pills coming back up right after I take them, they cause me to burp and this morning I was getting freaked out because I started burping after I took them but this time it was burning my nose and throat:(. How do I know it is the pills coming back up? The taste in my mouth and the smell in my nose. I am hoping to still read and hear good reviews about these pills, maybe useful tips even so these pills can help me out as well as it did for Suzy Cohen.

  2. Rosa Garcia


    Thank you Suzy, this is the best product ever! I am thyroid sick, not sure if i have hypo but i have all the symptoms, my dr only checked my TSH: 1, i gues i have a perfect TSH! … After taking thyrod script i feel better, my nails are long ! And strong! My ayebrowns are fuller! No more cold feet and hands! I love Suzy! Please have a lot of this product in stock! I promise i will buy it for the rest of my life! I am only 42 !

  3. Jennifer


    I have taken about a bottle and a half of ThyroScript. In addition to taking this supplement, I also made the dietary changes recommended. I do feel better. The only issue I have is obtaining it. The first time I ordered, it was on back order due to being sold out. I went ahead and ordered two bottles at that time in case it happened again. In a few weeks, I will be out again. The website currently says that the supplement will not be available for shipment until Septemeber 1. I will run out before then. I am not sure how you can take this on a regular basis due to the fact that it is hard to obtain. I am currently looking for another supplement that will work the same. Dissapointed that this one is not more readily availabe.

  4. Heather


    I ordered ThyroScript after listening to the Thyroid Summit, researching further and comparing ingredients with my current premium nutritional supplements. (They already contain most of the ingredients in TS but I need a higher quantity) Adding two capsules a day to my current regimen was very beneficial for me. I’m really looking forward to the inventory being restocked soon!

  5. Rosa


    It works! It does exactly what it says is supposed to do, love this product!

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